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Standard concrete is our
division that handles the more basic concrete projects,  Simple straight forward pathways, Driveways, demo and replacement, Retaining walls, Slabs etc....... 
Reach out and ask to about working with our Standard Concrete Team, Today!
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Unique concrete is our
division that handles the  Projects that demand a a special eye to detail, a skilled hand and a creative vision. 

This is when we are working with you on design/build projects from Custom Tables, Bars, Counters, Stamped Concrete, Custom staining, Outdoor Kitchens, etc.....
Gold Coast.png
Gold Coast Hide-A-Ways
is a our newest addition to the team.  It has always been a on the bucket list since being a kid to build Secret Doors, Hidden Safes, Secret Passage ways etc.... From Simple hidden safes and concealment shelves / closets to, secret passage-ways, hidden wine-storage and even safe rooms.

We can help you design and layout these custom features and bring them to fruition. 

Yardz is really why JMK Design &Co. was formed, to design/build outside the box projects to take your outdoors from a chore to the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space.  
Whether its a super cool Chef inspired Outdoor Kitchen or maybe you love golf and would love some putting greens or a mini-golf course for the kids.

We can install koi-ponds, natural and traditionals pools and our favorite is skate ramps, parks and features built into the landscaping.....

Let us help you make your yard something special!


Who We Are

the First rendition of JMK Design & Co. was started in 2017 When founder Jon Kosorek departed the professional Kitchen to become a Maker, building Custom Creations for restaurants, Hotels and High-end Homes, this allowed for weekday hours allowing him the time to be a Father!  JMK Design & Co. has evolved to be a collection of companies each with it's own Specialization. Reach out and see if we can help you find make that something Special!

Get in Touch

2894 Bunsen Ave.  Unit H

Ventura, CA 


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